Join Intégrons! Applications are now open

If you have already assisted to one of our events, or you already know us and you want to do part of this group of solidarity economy, we inform you Intégrons has opened the admission for new associates. Let’s make team together!

In a team each member plays a fundamental part

On this page we present you both the Application Form and it’s instructions for filling it in.

Inside the instructions you will find the email address for the MC (Management Council, or CA in French) if you want to write us for knowing more about what is the Cooperative Intégrons.

1) Instruction guide for the Membership Application – Intégrons

2) Intégrons Membership Application Form

It’s a dynamic PDF, and it can be filled-in using your own computer.

For doing it well, please save it on your computer’s hard drive (Save As option) and open it again, this time from your hard drive. This way all the data you will fill-in will be saved inside your own PDF, and it can be sent later by email to Intégrons.

Membership Application Form – Intégrons

Thank you, We look forward to make a great team with you !



photo credit: IMG_1285 via photopin (license)